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I requested a sample size of this to try. Instead of being charged approximately $6.00 for the sample, our bank account was hit with a $181.70 charge.

I called the company to inquire about the charges and found that they sent full sized products to me. I also found out that they signed me up to automatically receive the products again each month for the same dollar amount. I did NOT knowingly request this. I asked them to take responsibility for their mistake by cancelling the next month's shipment and refunding 100% of the charges.

They said they would take the product back and issue a refund if the products were unopened. Well....of course I opened them...I thought they were samples. They are still not taking responsibility. So much for their 100% customer satisfaction claims.

I believe this company is dishonest and deceitful. Do not do business with this company.

I was sucked in and now I have to pay a price. BTW...the product isn't any better than what I was already using at a fraction of the price.

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